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SPLITBUS NATION 2008 My name is Jo De Mey and I’m the webmaster of the Belgian split screen van registry (www.splitbusregister.be)
On Sunday August 3 2008 I’m organising the first international split screen van meeting
in Belgium “SPLITBUS NATION 2008”
This meeting will be held in Provincial Domain “Puyenbroeck” which is in Wachtebeke in Belgium.
There’s also a camping site just next to the meeting site, so camping is no problem.

Kieft and Klok are the biggest sponsor of this event. Other sponsors from Belgium are for example BBT, Steves VW shop, Jaemers Kevershop, Garage Delrue and also from Holland
TheCoolvw and Paruzzi

There will be a split screen firetruck demonstration at the meeting, a Beatles cover group,
lots of things to do for kids, swapmeet, lots of buses and lots more .


Jo De Mey

Écrit par : Jo De Mey | 01/06/2008

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